Live a Life High in the Stratosphere


Fill your shoes with confidence and believe in yourself every day.

Free your soul from all and anything that do not create you to be whole, or come your way.

Live a life of gratitude.

Appreciate the ups and downs.

Flow with the difficulties that sometimes come around.

Give yourself kindness, love, patience and understanding with top notch care.

Then you will live a life high in the stratosphere.

Climb to the Peak of Your Consciousness


Jasmine Coon sunset
Photo by Jasmine Coon


Climb to the peak of your consciousness, and have a look at your life.

There is so much more to see than upset, suffering, sorrow and strife.

There is a creative world waiting to be had.

Focus with good intention.

Focus and be glad.

You have the freedom of choice, not all of us do.

I am sharing my love, from me to you.




Inspired by Julia Rose

We will never know what lies deep down inside of us until we truly try.

When life challenges us, we can either do better or lay there and cry.

Here is where we need to believe in ourselves and remember all we have already achieved.

Stand on our feet again and take what we want to receive.

With sheer determination, passion and strength, once again we crack our fears.

Life can be a challenge, but the truth is we don’t have to yield.

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