Get Your Head in the Game


Get your head in the game.

Push harder to retain.

Work your dreams and visions.

Go all the way.

Love and care for yourself with precision in every way.

Reach for that higher place.

Give yourself all the provisions you need.

Live from the depths of your soul.

Live a good life, then happily you will grow old.

Do this for you first and then everyone else

And you will live a life full of vibrance and health


Things Get Better


Things get better.

We have to remember that.

With a positive attitude, we can handle any setback.

Find peace of mind and strive for more.

Through the raging storms become stronger, and you will endure.

Life is full of ups and downs.


Don’t try to fix anything when you’re feeling down.

Free yourself from upset and stress.

Give yourself a holiday today because you always try your best.

Tedgeo. 8/17/17

World Peace


We have time. World peace can be achieved.

Through the practice of silence and serenity

We can stop the bleed.

We can end the suffering, the sorrow and the starvation

If we let go of the greed.

There is enough for everyone.

Let us all plant the seeds

Of love,



And world peace.

Tedgeo 8/9/17



The rain is falling down for a reason.

Generously it replenishes the earth and our existence for all the seasons.

I am sure we have all taken it for granted.

Too busy, mentally and emotionally living on a different planet.

Let us honor its precious gifts

By listening to the raindrops fall,

While staring into the mist of it all.

Tedgeo 8/7/17