Climb to the Peak of Your Consciousness


Jasmine Coon sunset
Photo by Jasmine Coon


Climb to the peak of your consciousness, and have a look at your life.

There is so much more to see than upset, suffering, sorrow and strife.

There is a creative world waiting to be had.

Focus with good intention.

Focus and be glad.

You have the freedom of choice, not all of us do.

I am sharing my love, from me to you.


The Storms Will Come and Go


Peace, love, and harmony never bear a flame.

They are working constantly to ensure nothing gets in the way.

The storms will come and the storms will go.

This is part of life, as we all know.

Add patience and understanding to the above and you are in the flow.


Good Intentions


If you are patient with good intentions, the universe will carve your path.

Whatever you are wishing, your intuition will get you there fast.

Things take time.

Become divine.

Open the doors you can’t see

And you become the master of your universe until the end of eternity.