Thank You, Body


Thank you, Body, for getting me here,

For all that you have done and all that you have shared.

You have endured challenges beyond belief,

Through sickness and injury, my precious body, you did not succumb to defeat.

You gave me pleasure when I had none.

You sat with me in the golden sun.

I aim to repay you with self-love and self-care,

Keep you vibrant and healthy until the day we disappear.




The rain is falling down for a reason.

Generously it replenishes the earth and our existence for all the seasons.

I am sure we have all taken it for granted.

Too busy, mentally and emotionally living on a different planet.

Let us honor its precious gifts

By listening to the raindrops fall,

While staring into the mist of it all.

Tedgeo 8/7/17