A Recipe for Peace of Mind

A recipe.

Every day sit quietly.

Choose not to think.

Take a deep breath.

Continue to breathe.

Give your brain a rest.

Relax all your limbs

Close your eyes.

Travel deep within.

Allow your spirit to rise.

Set your soul free.

Live in the present moment.

Before you know it, bliss you have achieved.



self love.

Self-love is a journey

One must travel on his own.

With peace, love, patience and understanding

We bring love and warmth to our home.

Patience is required for affection, nurturing, development and growth.

When it comes to self-love,

Educate and heal yourself.

That is no joke.

Practice peace and meditation

With silence in your heart.

Always quiet the mind

To make a new start.

Be good to yourself.


Quality Living


I feel the breeze of awesome change coming my way.

Great things are going to take place today.

I will rise above.

Bring joy, love and harmony to my life.

Make healthy, happy choices both

Day and night.

For life is a gift.

The present is in the breath.

Breathe all day long and you will always bring your best.