Meditation Paradise


Breathe and be still.

Here lies the thrill.

Resonate your energy.

Feel the earth beneath your feet.


Open your diaphragm and lungs, take in your fill,

From the bottom to the top of your breath.

This is your relaxing pill.

Ride your breath like a wave.

Just be still.

Just be brave.

Reach deeper and stronger into your breath.

Repeat this process over again and again.

Self-love is the answer,

Time and patience are your support.

If you practice every day, you will find paradise for sure.

This is the healthiest choice anyone can make.

It breeds peace, love, joy and so many other good things.

Do this for the rest of your life.

With lots of singing and dancing you have the spice of life.

Just from being still.


Be Like a Rock


I hope you enjoy this exclusive excerpt from my upcoming book, Life’s Precious Tour:


Be like a rock in all that you do.

Allow no negative thoughts to get to you.

Conquer your quest with positive drive.

Before you know it, you have arrived.


Thank You, Body


Thank you, Body, for getting me here,

For all that you have done and all that you have shared.

You have endured challenges beyond belief,

Through sickness and injury, my precious body, you did not succumb to defeat.

You gave me pleasure when I had none.

You sat with me in the golden sun.

I aim to repay you with self-love and self-care,

Keep you vibrant and healthy until the day we disappear.