self love.

Self-love is a journey

One must travel on his own.

With peace, love, patience and understanding

We bring love and warmth to our home.

Patience is required for affection, nurturing, development and growth.

When it comes to self-love,

Educate and heal yourself.

That is no joke.

Practice peace and meditation

With silence in your heart.

Always quiet the mind

To make a new start.

Be good to yourself.


Climb to the Peak of Your Consciousness


Jasmine Coon sunset
Photo by Jasmine Coon


Climb to the peak of your consciousness, and have a look at your life.

There is so much more to see than upset, suffering, sorrow and strife.

There is a creative world waiting to be had.

Focus with good intention.

Focus and be glad.

You have the freedom of choice, not all of us do.

I am sharing my love, from me to you.


Get Your Head in the Game


Get your head in the game.

Push harder to retain.

Work your dreams and visions.

Go all the way.

Love and care for yourself with precision in every way.

Reach for that higher place.

Give yourself all the provisions you need.

Live from the depths of your soul.

Live a good life, then happily you will grow old.

Do this for you first and then everyone else

And you will live a life full of vibrance and health