Inspired by Julia Rose

We will never know what lies deep down inside of us until we truly try.

When life challenges us, we can either do better or lay there and cry.

Here is where we need to believe in ourselves and remember all we have already achieved.

Stand on our feet again and take what we want to receive.

With sheer determination, passion and strength, once again we crack our fears.

Life can be a challenge, but the truth is we don’t have to yield.


The Storms Will Come and Go


Peace, love, and harmony never bear a flame.

They are working constantly to ensure nothing gets in the way.

The storms will come and the storms will go.

This is part of life, as we all know.

Add patience and understanding to the above and you are in the flow.


Get Your Head in the Game


Get your head in the game.

Push harder to retain.

Work your dreams and visions.

Go all the way.

Love and care for yourself with precision in every way.

Reach for that higher place.

Give yourself all the provisions you need.

Live from the depths of your soul.

Live a good life, then happily you will grow old.

Do this for you first and then everyone else

And you will live a life full of vibrance and health


Things Get Better


Things get better.

We have to remember that.

With a positive attitude, we can handle any setback.

Find peace of mind and strive for more.

Through the raging storms become stronger, and you will endure.

Life is full of ups and downs.


Don’t try to fix anything when you’re feeling down.

Free yourself from upset and stress.

Give yourself a holiday today because you always try your best.

Tedgeo. 8/17/17